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Venetian Plaster Los Angeles
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Venetian Plaster, and Tadelakt Los Angeles

About Venetian Plaster Los Angeles
Venetian Plaster Los Angeles specializes in the designing and plastering of unique decorative Modern and traditional walls.
We are a Los Angeles City based company, where we produce unique decorative walls for the higst clients in LA and Cities Arround. Our high quality and expertice make us one of the best plaster companies in Los Angeles county, we have years of experians, developping tecniques and procces that no one knows, We have the avility to crerate unique plaster finishes and custom material like no other company in La, Our products combined with our renowned skill and attention to detail, yields impeccable results for every client.
As Venetian Plaster artist Specialists in Los Angeles Areas
We are Venetian Plaster professionals artist in Los Angeles(Ca) - well versed in a wide range of design styles and trends and highly trained in a variety of application techniques. Fiercely dedicated to customer satisfaction and possessed of a true love of what we do, we pride ourselves on an ever-growing base of loyal clients who rave about what we've helped them create in their homes or apartments. We believe in the beauty of design and take every opportunity to make each project a work of art.

Venetian Plaster For Time Appeal

Are you looking for a durable plaster finish for your walls that exudes beauty and timeless appeal?

If yes, then a decorative plaster like Venetian plaster or Marmorino is a perfect solution for your home!

What is Venetian plaster?

Venetian plaster is the best natural lime plaster that gives your walls a perfect texture and color when applied. It is a highly polished decorative plaster that combines marble dust and limestone and creates a distinct look on the walls.
When applied to the wall, real Venetian plaster can create magic giving the area a smooth marble-like finish. Venetian plaster for walls is a perfect solution when expensive marbles cannot be applied or when it is difficult to install marble panels in a particular column or niche.

For a perfect finish it is usually burnished, because when left un-burnished a Venetian plaster texture looks flakey, brittle and tends to damage fast.

Being a form of natural earth it lends a delicate glow and subtlety to the architectural spaces as natural light reflects of its warm surface. Also, Venetian plaster finishes when applied correctly augment the aesthetics of your home adding to it a definite touch of elegance.

Also known as Italian plaster, this kind of wall covering and polish technique has been used in Italy for centuries.
Marmorino for the classic look
Among the different types of Venetian plasters available on the market, Marmorino evokes an old world charm reminiscent of the ancient villas of Roman architecture.
Also called marmorino veneziano, this classic plaster finish lost its glory as early as the 1800’s only to be revived in the modern era as a ready-to-use marmorino that is exquisite to say the least!
Marmorino is made from lime putty and crushed marble and its glorious colors are a result of varied processes of tinting. Interestingly mamorino is available in a variety of textures, ranging from the buttery polished surfaces resembling polished marble to the more grainy stone effects for a more rugged look.
Mamorino plaster is highly prized because of its waterproofing and antibacterial qualities and as well as for the visual gracefulness it adds to the surroundings. Though desirable as a luxury plaster wall design, marmorino is widely used on the exterior of homes and at the foyer.

Venetian plaster Los Angeles will serve you the best varieties of plaster finishes for your homes. From the outright dazzling, to the subtler tones and the more asymmetrical and uneven strokes here you will get the best Italian plasters for your architectural space.
Whether it is a regular Venetian plaster or a Marmorino plaster, we ensure that each design and plaster finish gives you a rich texture and interesting depth to your interiors.
The specialty of our plaster finishes for your walls is our highly skilled finishing by professionals. Not only do we give you a soft textural finish where required, we often retain the interesting interplay of dark and light contrasts show effectively on your walls.
We ensure that we give you a perfect finish for your walls, because a plaster not well-laid on the walls can make your home look disastrous!

Venetian Plaster FAQS

Q: What is Venetian plaster?

A: Venetian plaster is a Finish Made lime marble dust and pigment. When mixed with plaster, it can be used on ceilings and walls. venetian plaste first became popular in the 1550's in Venice, Italy. In the last few years it has become one of the most sought after wall finishes on the market. Venetian plaster Los Angeles makes the application of the plaster by hand, applied with a trowel or spatula in multiple layers which are then burnished to create a smooth or rustic faux venetian plaster finish, creating the illusion of depth and texture. Venetian plaster in Los Angeles uses many different techniques like venetiano, scagliola, Marmorino, murano, sgraffito, Anticco, Tuscany, silkstone , Terra, Tadelkt plaster for showers, Micro cement, and the new cement look finishes. When Venetian plaster is left un-burnished, has a matte finish that is rough and stone-like to the touch. Most of Venetian plasters can be applied on both exterior & interior walls and ceilings. Venetian plaster is especially useful on surfaces where marble panels cannot be installed easily or on surfaces that would be too expensive to have carved from real marble such as columns, corbels and curved walls. When applied correctly, Venetian plaster can be used to create a highly polished, rock-hard, marble-like finish.

Q: What makes us different from other plaster companies in Los Angeles?

A: Not all Venetian plaster companies in Los Angeles know how to make the real Venetian plaster. Venetian plaster of Los Angeles uses the highest quality material directly from Italy, the masters of Venetian Plaster. Most of the Artist and Applicators use the wrong material made from synthetic plastic look like acrylic plasters or Roman Clay which is not considered a plaster,it is gypsum plaster that is a construction material that can be purchased at any construction store for $32 a bucket. There are just a few companies that sell and apply the original Venetian plaster in Los Angeles and we are one of the few. Venetian plaster is a European technique, and all the materials, (plaster and tools) are made in Italy by Artisans. Venetian Plaster Los Angeles is a company that only uses the original plasters and techniques from Europe, we are experts using and creating custom made plasters, from unique textures and we create the unique designs and mix colors to your satisfaction.

Q: Are there samples available:

A: Yes. Venetian plaster Los Angeles Company have many samples available and over 100 colors to chose from. We have the ability to custom make colors or match, and finishes, our can be tinted to your needs, we color our plasters using natural or synthetic colorants. The ability to tint Venetian plasters is especially helpful when a specific color or a existent "marble color" is desired, or when a color that does not exist naturally is wanted. Venetian Plaster finishes can range in sheen and texture from a smooth highly polished marble-like finish to a distressed, stone-like Tuscan appearance. Using actual ground limestone and marble dust in a lime putty, walls can have the authentic feel of stone. Our trained artisans can create unique special plasters in an infinite number of color combinations to coordinate and enhance your décor. Venetian Plaster Los Angeles is a Sirius company dedicated to the application and creation of finishes and plasters in Los Angeles areas, we determine with you or your Designer the color and dimension of the wall to be finished.

Q: How durable is the Venetian plaster:

A: Very durable more than paint. It has some flex to it so it tends to resist cracks that would otherwise mark walls. It is dent and scratch resistant. The surface is literally a layer of stone more durable than drywall and up to 1/8" thick. The result is an allergy free, mildew resistant, and long lasting durable finish.

Q: What does it cost:

A: Generally Venetian plaster in Los Angeles cost from $14 to 16 a square foot depending on how many layers of Venetian Plaster and the conditions of the walls. With additional costs for walls over 10 feet tall and ceilings have additional costs with a 100 square foot minimum per job. For columns, prices start at $50.00 per linear foot. Q: Can I wash it: A: It is best to apply a clear sealer as an additional option to keep the finish looking beautiful and keeps the finish protected and washable. It is approximately 95 cents per square foot. Q: Does Venetian plaster create a mess or dust to apply: A: Not especially. We would do the same amount of protection as painting your home; move furniture to middle of room, take down pictures,Cover with plastic, etc.
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Venetian PLaster Los Angeles
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